Maincer lanza nueva máquina de corte y rodapié

Last week, Maincer commissioned a new cutting and skirting board machine in the province of Barcelona. The machine, an MCV-400/i2RB, produces skirting boards of the highest quality in a production process that is simple and quick for the operator. Furthermore, the design of the machine makes it possible to dispense with complex water purification systems. Why? the machine is equipped with a decantation tank and an electric pump that provides the machine with self-sufficiency in the recirculation of water for lubrication and cooling of the baldes and grinding wheels during the work.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 25 at 1.21.08 PM WhatsApp Image 2022 03 25 at 1.21.08 PM 2

As always, we would like to thank our customer for the trust placed in Maincer and in the MCV-400/i2RB.