Meshing plotter with reactive polyurethane

Ventilated facade

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System for creating meshes on the back of ceramic tiles, marble, glass or other types of materials that require structural support to prevent them from falling or detaching from the place of placement. For this purpose, a mesh is created with beads of P.U.R. (Reactive Polyurethane) applied directly on the tile without the need for additional mesh.

Description of system operation:

The piece is placed in the transport section and it advances until it is positioned in the plotter application area.
After we set the characteristics of the meshing process in the plotter software (dimensions, diameter of the PUR cord, etc.), the plotter begins to make the meshing drawing on the piece.
The meshing is carried out by applying reactive polyurethane P.U.R. (with up to six guns arranged on the plotter head) via a P.U.R. application VPail device.
After the creation of the mesh, the transport system carries the piece and after 10 minutes it is ready for handling.

Productive advantages of meshing using P.U.R:

Making meshes with reactive polyurethane offers different advantages compared to conventional meshing systems.

• Possibility of adapting the mesh measurements for each type of product in a programmable way.
• The P.U.R. beads offers mechanical resistance characteristics that guarantee that, with a very small amount applied, a mesh of excellent hardness results.
• The mesh is ready for handling after 10 minutes of being applied by the plotter without the need for an additional dryer.
• The flame retardant properties of P.U.R make it an excellent product to use in ventilated façade pieces.
• The adhesive properties of the P.U.R allow the use of the plotter in gluing works for pieces with high resistance.

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