MCV-400 2.0 - Cutting, skirting board and miter machine

Eco Range

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The new MCV-400 series is a very versatile machine, destined to work with constructive materials like:

ceramic and porcelain tiles
– Stone
extruded tiles
– Marble
– Granite
– Resined compounds
– Glass compounds

Thanks to its high flexibility, with the MCV-400 it is possible to simplify the mechanization of whatever constructive material. This machine has been developed to make easier access to distributors and resellers to customizing their ceramic, marble and slates catalogues. The new MCV-400 allows to make skirting boards, mosaics, squared pieces, step pieces, etc. from standard materials in an easy, flexible and clean way.

This new MCV-400 has the possibility of a first motor, placed at 45º that allows the roughing of the top edge, before being mitered or cut. In this way, the miter or skirting board grinding wheels maintain their original shape for much longer and also increase final productivity.

On the other hand, the fourth motor can work both for the machining of the lower bevel in the skirting board and for the finishing of the miter. For this, the motor has a simple regulation that allows it to be positioned at different angles (90, 60, 45, 30) depending on the work to be made.

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