The Life Eggshellence project has been highlighted in the pages of "La Razón."

On 8th December, "La Razón" featured an article in its "Environment" section discussing the "Life Eggshellence" project. In the article, the following key points were emphasised:

  • Eggshells = valuable waste: Eggshells, typically regarded as innocent household waste, become valuable in significant quantities due to the calcium carbonate they contain.
  • Cáscaras de huevosLarge-scale production: Companies involved in egg production generate substantial amounts of eggshells, such as 16,000 tons per year in Spain, 5,500 in Portugal, and 150,000 across Europe.
  • Circular economy: emphasis is placed on employing a circular economy to repurpose these remnants and reduce expenses in their management.
  • Life Eggshellence Project: a European project, spearheaded by the Institute of Ceramic Technology, aims to develop an industrial system for separating the membrane from the shell and obtaining calcium carbonate for tile production.


  • Technological development: After over a year of testing, an efficient machine, made by Maincer, has been developed to economically separate the shell from the membrane.
  • Business collaboration: companies like Agotzaina, specialising in egg products, and Maincer, focusing on machinery for ceramics, collaborate on the project.
  • Project viability: the machine, installed at Agotzaina, demonstrates its effectiveness, and egg-producing companies in Spain and other regions are already expressing interest.
  • Industrial application: the successful implementation of the bio-carbonate in tile manufacturing is highlighted, with examples of tiles produced using one-third less mineral carbonate.
  • International interest: egg-producing companies from various countries show interest in the machine for waste management and supplying biocarbonate to the ceramic industry.