Maincer launches its new MIP-1200, a new mitering machine for subsequent assembling of technical steps

ingletadora MIP

As a result of the continuous R + D + i of the technical department and the commercial prospecting work carried out by the Maincer Commercial Department, the company has launched a new machine to perform miters for the subsequent assembly of steps, countertops, corner pieces, etc.

The machine performs in a single pass, the miter to any type of piece. This machine has a servo-motorized counter guide system that allows the machine to synchronize the transport conveyor with the counter guide belt. This synchronization is perfect, with absolute precision. This allows ensuring the perfect squaring of the piece as well as avoiding defects in the miter.

The finishing of the miter is similar to a knife, since the combination of blade + resin grinding wheel allows an unparalleled finishing.

The handling of the machine is extremely easy and the loading and unloading of the machine is much easier thanks to the 45º orientation of the toothed transport belts.

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