MIP-1200 Miter making machine

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Miter making machine

The MIP-1200 miter making machine can make miters with a perfect finish thanks to its 3 adjustable machining motors.

Use and Features of the miter making machine

La Miter making machine has an endless number of possibilities, given by the cutting table, the telescopic guide and the different types of blades which allow us to cut materials such as ceramics to make steps.

What is a miter making machine and what is it used for?

The mitre making machine is composed of some a circular blades that allows us to make angular cuts on different types of surfaces. It is equipped with 4 height and levelling adjustable feet and the motors are specially manufactured with a decimal adjustment crown that makes each piece of the step to be cut with precision.

What materials can be cut with a miter making machine?

With a miter making machine you can cut different materials all at precise angles and without too much effort, making it an ideal tool for cutting porcelain, ceramics, concrete, cement, etc.

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