Double head precutting machine

Precutting at glazing line

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Machine to perform slots on the glazed unfired ceramic tiles. Slotting is possible on any type of material like wall tile, stoneware, porcelain, etc.

Placed as the last application in the glazing line, the system consists of a machine, a tile turner device and a second machine, allowing several type of effects to be performed on the tile. These effects are: mosaic up to 1.2x1.2cm, 5x5cm mosaic, pre-cut between randomly screen-printed or digital printed windows, and so on. This machine allows to obtain a mosaic effect that, once placed, makes very easy the filling of joints.

This machine has all the advantages of the ancient one but adding some important features:

• By having two precut units we can multiply the designs to be made on the piece, allowing us to make precut lines really close one to each other.

• Possibility of working with two designs simultaneously. This allows the machine to be 'loaded' with two different designs and to switch between them without the need to replace them.

• Design changes in just a few seconds. Raise one head and lower the other. It's so simple!

• Possibility of changing to a third design without the need to stop production.

• Possibility of performing maintenance on one of the heads while we continue producing with the other.

The system doesn't dicrease the speed of the glazing line. This system works with a wide range of sizes, from 10x10cm to 60x60cm.

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