Laboratory glazing booth

Ceramic laboratory

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Booth for manual glazing of large size tiles. Perfect for glazing on lagoratories, or for small productions. This machine is specially conceived to allow the worker an easy and comfortable operation.

This glazing cabin for porcelain tiles is entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel. It generates two water waterfalls, one in the front and another in the bottom. Both waterfalls are fed by a stainless steel pump, placed in the bottom of the machine.

Inside the cabin there is a water decantation zone which maintains the water clean and gives the machine some autonomy. In this way it is not needed to connect the water to a water pipe.

It has a vaccum system integrated in the machine. This system has a 2.2kW sylenced turbine and a labyrinth conduction for the air, together with three water cleanable filters.

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