Bell-shaped glaze application

Glaze applications

Bell shaped glaze application system designed to create a glaze veil by free fall. It is used for different applications such as glazing of ceramic pieces, painting of tiles and porcelain glazing.

Ceramic glazing is carried out through an industrial system to cover the tile using a bell shaped device.

It is perfect to allow a shiny finishing on tiles and a good glaze applying on the surface of the tile.

This bell-shaped glazing system is composed of a polished and rectified stainless steel plate, a feeding system through an anti-bubble hopper, a valve with an application needle, glaze collection tray and supporting columns.

Bell-shaped glaze application system can be supplied in different diameters, depending on the tile width; 460OD, 660OD, 800OD, 1000OD and 1200OD.

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