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    Maincer installs and starts up a robot which puts tiles together

    Maincer has installed and commissioned a robot which puts tiles together. This robot was installed in a well-known spanish ceramic tile manufacturer. The firm chose the model R-2000iC | 125L of the reputed brand FANUC to which Maincer installed a tool with a suction cup to catch the tiles.

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    New automatic cutting line for large-format ceramics

    Over the last few weeks, Maincer has assembled and commissioned a new automatic cutting line for large-format ceramics. The new line, made for a well-known tile manufacturer in Castellon is composed of an automatic suction cup feeder, two cutting machines with 2 heads, 1250 mm of cutting conveyor and motors of 30kW each, a table-type automatic flat turner for large format tiles, two bevelling machines and a tile stacker with connection to an automatic packer. In addition to all of the above, the corresponding conveyor links between machines have also been made.

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    Maincer takes part in a project to reuse the eggshell for manufacturing ceramics

    Maincer, junto a Euroatomizado, el ITC y otras empresas portuguesas, han sido aprobadas por la Comisión Europea para realizar el proyecto denominado Life Eggshellence, por el que se va a utilizar la cáscara del…