Maincer participates in a project for reusing eggshell in ceramics manufacture.


Maincer, together with Euroatomizado, the ITC and other Portuguese companies, have been approved by the European Commission to carry out the project called Life Eggshellence, by which the eggshell will be used to manufacture ceramic tiles.

The project aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility of processing egg shells, which represent a problematic waste due to odors and the growth of bio-organisms. The final result is to use the eggshells for the manufacture of ceramics, since the shell is composed of 98% by calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is widely used by the ceramic industry in several mixtures both for glazes and for ceramic pastes or biscuits.

depositphotos 95041514 stock photo pile of tiles

As a figure, Spain produces about 16,000 tons per year of eggshells, which if reused will not only result in economic benefits, both for the egg processing industry and for the ceramic industry, but also in environmental benefits.