Triple head multiblade cutting machine

Multiblade cutting machines

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Triple head multiblade cutting machine. MCN range.

Ideal machine for cutting ceramic, porcelain, marble, slate, stone, granite, glass, brick pieces and any construction material that can be cut.

The machines of the MCN range stand out for their robustness, provided by a structural grade steel chassis, hot-dip galvanized and milled over its entire cutting surface. The machines have a single shaft cutting motor that achieves a practically zero or residual vibration level. These engines have powers between 15 and 50 hp (11 - 38 kW).

MCN triple head cutting machines can equip conveyor belt widths of 500, 700, 1000 and 1250 mm. Allowing to cut even wider materials thanks to its particular construction without elements that block the passage.

This machine is ideal for hard and thick materials. This machine can distribute the cutting process in three shafts, which increases the speed and at the same time the productivity. This machine is the most suitable for cutting ceramic or porcelain tile (long and narrow pieces), thick materials and extremely hard materials (porcelain, Dekton ©, granites, etc.) among others.

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