Slim Cover MOD. "B"

Glazing applications

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Airless system for large sizes entirely made in stainless steel with single outlet bottom and suction recipient for excess glaze. Glaze application equipped with 4 airless guns. Upper shaft with single movement. HMI for upper axis movement management, programming and configuration of the application with infinite recipes.The cabin is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and is equipped with anti-spraying panels, protection for belts and folding sides for manual cleaning. The airless system is delivered complete with pump, hoses, guns and nozzles.

NOTE: The type of pump included in the equipment may vary from the image shown above. In each offer the specific type of pump will be specified.

Models Fired maximum width
Slim Cover 600 600 mm
Slim Cover 900 900 mm
Slim Cover 1200 1200 mm
Slim Cover 1500 1500 mm
Slim Cover 2000 2000 mm

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