Slim Cover Fast 620

Glazing applications

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Airless glazing system for big sizes, entirely made in stainless steel. Upper carbon fiber made multi-axis with slides. One single booth with vaulted ceiling and disposed bottom.

Glazing equipment comprising 6 applying guns made of stainless steel.

Internal non-stick and anti-drip lining to prevent abrasion or similar damage. Control panel with IP65 protection and 15″ HMI. Communication by remote control with ethernet cable.

Drive of the upper slides by brushless motor composed of master-slave.

Preset configuration for the monitoring system of the application nozzles with camera (optional) placed inside the cabin. Exchange of data between client/operator via ethernet and standard OPC-UA protocol, managing remotely with VNC. Production data configuration.

Complete machinery kit (including hoses, spray guns and nozzles).

The new SLIM COVER FAST series represents excellence in the machine for glazing application over large sizes. Innovations and improvements to know in the added value in terms of efficiency and productivity:

- Axis starting optimization, delayed until the moment in which the piece is not ready to be glazed Through this operation is obtained a great saving of glaze.

- Glaze collection recipients, placed below the resting position of the shafts and close to the tanks. They collect the glaze and transport it directly to the recovery tank. This saves glaze and prevents dirtying the cabin and belts which results in time and cleaining water savings.

- Possibility of creating infinite glazing paths on tiles with pinpoint accuracy. In doing so, crossings are optimized with the minimum speed of the line, achieving significant energy savings.

- Possibility to change the speed of each axis and the total travel. The axes are completely independent of each other and therefore there is the possibility of choosing for a large o little application depending on the areas of the tile.

- Crossing the axes in the application you can work at high speeds on the glazing lines even with large sizes, exponentially increasing productivity.

- User-friendly interface for the worker with the possibility to distinguish between basic user and advanced user. There is also a whole system of handling and configuration of the highest value information. Also a high customization for the expert operator can be easily achieved. Complete diagnostic system that allows full and immediate machine monitoring and remote assistance.

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