Automatic cutting, skirting and mitering line - Eco Series

Eco Range

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Maincer's automatic cutting, skirting board and miter cutting line consists of a MCV-400 cutting machine (with 1 or 2 cutting heads), a MRV-350 skirting and miter machine, a conveyor and alignment system that links the MCV and the MRV and finally a stacking and accumulating conveyor for finished pieces.

This production line is designed for storekeepers, resellers, marble workers and mechanization workshops in general. With this line, skirting boards can be produced directly and in a single pass, whatever their nature (ceramic, stoneware, porcelain, etc.). In addition, all pieces of the technical step can be easily manufactured (step, front and reinforcement pieces).

Productivity is high compared to other similar machines. Reasons:

  1. Single handling: the operator loads base pieces into the cutting machine and they automatically become skirting boards that are sorted out by the stacking conveyor.
  2. The speed of the cutting machine and the speed of the skirting board are synchronized to obtain maximum performance, reaching speeds typical of larger and expensive lines

Despite being an automatic line, the operation is very simple. Any operator, without much experience, can work with the line. Feed base pieces and collect stacked skirting boards, that's it.

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