Sequadrum 1200

Dry squaring machine

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The Dry squaring process marks a milestone in the process of tile squaring as it was known until now. The new generation of dry squaring machines from Maincer work without water which turns into saving money in both energy -no need to use dryers after the process- and maintenance of machine. Finally these savings help to make cheaper the process of squaring allowing at same time a lower cost impact to the final product.

Main advantages of dry squaring:

- Absence of water: no need to clean the water neither using dryers after the process.
- Recovery of waste: the resulting powder can be used for other processes.
- Lower energy cost: with fewer motors and less power we get more energy efficiency with the same or higher productivity.

Why Sequadrum?

- Independent servomotors for belts driving. These motors are managed by an axis controller which ensures a perfect synchronism.
- Pusher with double servomotor: pushing adjustment from the touchscreen. Milesimal accuracy.
- Robust centering device for large sizes.
- Direct-drive grinding motors. Easy adjustment from the back of the motor.
- Speed adjustment of the entire installation from a single button.

- Teleassistance: fault detection, troubleshooting and online updates.

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