Sequadrum 1200

Dry squaring machine

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Dry squaring is a milestone in the ceramic squaring process as it was known until now. With the new generation of Maincer dry squaring machines it is possible to completely dispense with water, which allows us to obtain significant savings both in energy - it is not necessary to use a dryer after the process - and in the maintenance of the machine itself, which, in short, it becomes into a lower process cost.

Main advantages of dry squaring:

- Absence of water: there is no need to purify the water or use dryers to dry the pieces.
- Waste recovery: the resulting powder can be used for other processes.
- Lower energy cost: with fewer motors and lower powers we achieve greater energy efficiency with the same or higher productivity.

Why Sequadrum?

- Independent servo motors for the traction of the belts, managed by an axis controller to guarantee their perfect synchronism.
- Pusher with two servomotors for a milesimal adjustment from the installation's own touch screen.
- Robust centering device for large format pieces.
- Direct shaft grinding motors: easy regulation and cheap maintenance.
- Speed regulation of the entire installation from a single button.

- Tele-assistance: fault detection, problem solving and online updates.

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