Dryers by radiant plates


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Fast irradiation driers for heat transfer. Thermal energy is supplied by incandescent radiating plates which allow the uniform combustion of a fuel like methane or LPG, with extremely low percentages of CO2 and NOx emission. These driers are very quiet, so the emission of noise is very low, respecting the environment and working conditions.

Se trata de máquinas muy compactas, fiables y de fácil empleo con secado radiante, ideal para secar el porcelánico antes de la inyección digital.

Particularly important are the advantages resulting from:

- Reduction of the spaces occupied in the development of the lines.

- Reduction of consumption of gas.

- Possibility, when necessary, to obtain high temperatures in the treated material.

- Flexibility of use thanks to the possibility of working with different levels of power.

Industries already using these dryers:

- Ceramic industry: glazing lines, application of decorations, preheating tiles and slabs, quick drying in the exit of cutting lines, quick drying in polishing or squaring lines .

- Elaboration of marbles: quick drying of tiles and stones.

- In general with specific manufacturing modifications: Continuous drying of sands and inorganic granular substances, drying of metal parts, and any other application where a significant drying and heating action is required with very short treatment times.

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