Brushing machine for rustic effects

Glaze applications

Brushing system for ceramic pieces, after aerographic application (MULTI-BRUSH).
To obtain natural effects like: stones, wooden, marble, etc.
Equipped with two independent motors; one of them drives the satellite holder and the other drives each one of the twelve satellites, in charge the brushing process.
Both motors are connected to a managing electric panel, which contains two electronic inverters to vary the speed of them depending on the work sequence.

MULTI-BRUSH offers the possibility to incline the satellite holder in order to avoid that the tile edges are damaged when it comes into the machine.

The rotation of the shaft and the satellites, can be in both directions indifferently. The supports of the brushing pads are made of a special anti-humidity material, prolonging their life.

The driving of the satellites is made through a double-toothed belt which gives some elasticity to the machine which will avoid stress and breaks within its lifetime.

Each satellite has independent height adjustment, widening the possitilities to obtain different effects on the tiles.

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