Lines for conveying and glazing of roof tiles

Glaze applications

Conveyor and glazing lines for ceramic roof tiles, equipped with the latest glazing technology. These lines work fine for wet glazes as well as dry effects,

In addition, the conveyor and glazing lines for roof tiles can be complemented with a wide range of devices, such as dryers, handlers, automatic feeders or unloaders, bypasses, etc.

This glazing allows obtaining a much higher quality of roof tile, since with this conveyor and glazing line a more uniform finish is achieved.

Maincer has a wide experience in designing, manufacturing, assembling and commissioning conveyor and glazing lines for roof tiles, specially those that are ceramic.

Our technical department designs complete glazing lines to convey and glaze roof tiles. These lines can be made 100% customized according to the needs of each customer and the typology of the roof tile. It does not matter which type of roof tile it is: flat, curved, mix, alicantina/marseilleise, etc.

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