Slotting Machine for ventilated façade pieces

Ventilated facade

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Machine developed to make side slots in tiles in an automatic and continuous way. These tiles are placed after with clamps in a facade.

This machine has narrow conveyor belts for the tiles, with opening motorized regulation, in order to adapt it to varying sizes from 450 to 1200 mm widht.

System of stop and fixation of the piece in an automatic way, that allows the positioning of the different formats, for the machining of the slots.

Six high-speed motors, “three on each side of the machine” for the sloting discs, with motorized incision advance system and with incision depth management, electronically commanded.

The slotting motors, have a motorized system, which allows the regulation of distance between them, being able to adjust the distance between the different lateral incisions.

Complete electrical installation of panel with display for data memorization and regulation, operating buttons on the side, pneumatic and hydraulic installation and safety protections according to CE standard.

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