PowderLab - Laboratory crusher

Ceramic laboratory

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Rotary shredder using blades for the disintegration of ceramic biscuits in laboratory tests. Developed by Maincer in collaboration with Neos.

The Powderlab allows to break the dry ceramic biscuits into grains which are ready to be pressed.

POWDERLAB has some advantages versus other ancient systems used until now:

- Keeps the size of the particle unlike regrinding planetary mills.

- Avoids human mistakes
caused when breaking the ceramic biscuit with a mortar and a hammer.

- 0% toxicity
unlike acetone grinding.

- Avoids product losses
, caused by agglomerations, unlike the other kind of mills, i.e. meat mills.

With PowderLab we get a high efficiency, productivity and stability in the process. In addition we shorten the time spent for that operation.

- Avoids to accept or reject incorrectly batches of raw materials.
- Improves the control process of production slips.
- Improves the characterization process of new raw materials.
- Eases the traceability and stability of the data over time.

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