Hot-melt glue application plotter

Plotter for glue application

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Hot melt adhesive application system with Melton fusion equipment.

The system is a plotter, which applies one or more beads of glue on a table that is raised while removing the pieces already glued.

This type of technology is intended for a wide range of industries like graphic arts, packaging, plastics, etc. And it consolidates Maincer in its expansion into different markets.

Technical features

- Plotter for the application of glue on a lifting table, with four independent work areas and automated movement management.
- Steel construction chassis with fired primer.
- Possibility of working on all four sides of the machine
- Two lifting platforms with individual or joint operation, with a surface area of ​​1400x1100mm and a 350mm up / down stroke, with a scissor lift system and a total available area of ​​1400x2200mm.
- Loading area with two folding sides of 1100x350mm, for each platform.
- Movement system for axes (X) and (Y) by means of a set of watertight linear guides and electronically managed by servo-motors.
- Movement management console, with a color touch screen, very easy to use and lateral translation for a comfortable introduction of data.
- Management software for the glue application sequence, with the possibility of creating points, lines, geometric figures, curves and circumferences, with up to 14 figures for each job.
- Melton glue applicator set with an independent gun with glue flow regulation and height regulation.
- Laser pointer on the application head for programming the glue application points, with Teach Pendant (Joystick) positioning system, on the management console.
- Safety system through category 2 barriers, for the movements of the applicator head.
- Certificate of conformity according to CE standard.

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