Plotter For Mesh-Mounting Using P.U.R

Ventilated facade

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This device has been conceived for the mesh-mount of ceramic tiles, marble, glass, etc., which may need a structural hitching in order to avoid their fall or stick-off. Consequently, this device creates a PUR (Reactive Polyurethane) lace mesh spread directly on the piece, without needing the traditional additional mesh.

Working system description:

We locate the piece on the conveyor belt and it goes automatically to the plotter area.
After introducing a specific mesh design in the software (dimensions, PUR lace diameter, etc.) the plotter starts to design the mesh on the piece.
The meshing process consists on spreading Reactive Polyurethane (with up to six different pistols on the plotter head) by means of a VPail spreading device.
Finally, after the mesh creation, the transport system takes the piece out and after 10 minutes the pieces is ready for handling.

Productive advantages of the PUR mesh-mounting.

The reactive polyurethane mesh mounting system offers different advantages versus the traditional mesh-mounting systems:

•This system offers the possibility of programming the mesh size typology for a wide range of products.
•The reactive polyurethane lace offers high strength reliability with a reduced spreading quantity of material.
•The mesh-mounted piece is ready for handling after 10 minutes without any drying system.
•The fire-proof PUR properties make this material an excellent solution for the mesh-mounting of ventilated façades.
•The gluing PUR properties offer the possibility of using this device gluing piece works with high strength results.

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