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Characteristics, types and functions of the Pycnometer

What is it and what is a pycnometer for?

Es un instrumento de medición muy empleado en laboratorios químicos para determinar de forma rápida, el peso especifico de líquidos y sólidos, esmaltes, barbotinas y otros componentes.

How to use a pycnometer?

The best way to use a pycnometer is to fill it completely with the liquid substance and tap it gently on the sides to remove air bubbles.

The cap must then be replaced and the sides dried. Finally, the filled pycnometer is weighed on the analytical balance to find out its density.

Characteristics of the pycnometer

Pycnometer with stainless steel structure complete with glass and cover with a total tared weight of 200 g and a capacity of 100 cc.

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