Line of cold painting for skirting board

Cold painting for skirting boards

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Everybody knows the difficulties of manufacture baseboards with designs same as floor tiles that already are being manufactured, the best way is to cut this baseboard from ceramic tiles, this way the design is the same that its base. Due to the range in production lines of MAINCER, our clients choose this edge cold paint process on the edge of ceramic tile thanks to its easy and economic production.

The line consists in a pick up roller table at exit of dryer, conveyor belt up to the centering device by means of strip, set of paint gun and pump, turner and stacker in order to put the pieces in piles and then pack it.

A remarkable feature is the little waste that occurs because it is possible to reuse 96% of which leftover paint to reduce even more the costs of the application. Another important advantage of this application is the perfect match for both large factories with high production and mechanization for small ceramic workshops, given its high productivity and low investment required.

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