Dry cutting line for raw ceramics

Dry cutting

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The dry cutting and grinding line of raw material responds to the need to homogenize sizes. Not less important, with this line it is also possible to give a virtually identical dimensional aspect to each piece. This process is carried out quickly, in the same production line and without the need to implement a new process of mechanization of the finished product.

The typical installation consists of three different machines linked by transport sections:

  1. MRC dry grinding machine. Rectify the longitudinal sides of the piece using diamond wheels of different grit.
  2. MCP parallel cutting machine. Cut the transverse sides of the piece, using parallel cutting discs.
  3. Postprocessing brushing machine. With which you get a surface finish clean of dust and impurities that could alter the original surface finish after passing the pieces through the kiln.

Being a mechanization line, Maincer can adapt it to the needs of the product and the customer, obtaining a wide range of customization, depending on the space available in the factory, the type of product, the productivity to be obtained, etc.

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