Surface Easy veil glazing system

Glaze applications

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Veil type glazing machine, built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, especially for the application of engobes glazes, glazes with micro-grains and crystalline glass. The veiling body is fed from a stirrer tank with a double motorized pump and anti-bubble system. The head is mounted on a self-supporting stainless steel chassis that gives it greater ease of operation and quick assembly in any production line. It has closing blades made of tempered and rectified stainless steel. Equipped with a filter for the glaze at the entrance to the veiling head.

Models Maximum width to glaze (before firing)
Surface Easy 600 660 mm
Surface Easy 800 880mm
Surface Easy 900 980mm
Surface Easy 1200 1340mm
Surface Easy 1800 1850mm

CONTROL WEIGHT (only included in the models expressly indicated).
System composed of a control panel and a flow sensor. The control panel houses an inverter that, thanks to the signal from the flow meter, controls the flow of the pump by acting on the motor. This system maintains constant the weight parameters applied to the piece.

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