Dry cutting for fired tiles

Dry cutting process

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Every day more, it is evident that the ceramic industry is turning to a model in which sooner or later water will cease to be an essential element to be an accessory element. As a result of this trend, there are already processes that are beginning to dispense with water. One of these processes is the machining of fired ceramic.

Maincer has observed the trend and has developed a completely dry cutting and rectifying line, that is, this line completely dispenses with the use of water for cooling diamond tools. While it is true that dry cutting lines have existed for years, it has not been until now that Maincer has managed to obtain even higher productivity than wet cutting and a level of finish comparable to it.

In the «type» line, three stages are distinguished:
- Marking.
- Breaking.
- Rectifying and bevelling

The Maincer dry cutting line for fired ceramics is fully configurable according to the productive needs of the customer

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