Double sided tape applicator, CDC-1200 series

Double sided tape applicator

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Maincer's CDC-1200 range of double-sided tape applicators are used to apply double-sided tape on any type of surface, drastically reducing the time taken to apply the adhesive tape. Thanks to its automatic application and cutting head, it applies the adhesive tape in a very comfortable way.

The CDC-1200 range, the result of the evolution of the old M range, has numerous advantages that make the application of double-sided tape a process with high repeatability and precision.

- Self-supporting chassis: the machine has its own chassis, so it does not need any element to lift it to work in a comfortable position for the operator. The chassis has adjustable feet to adjust the height and level of the machine.

- Conveyor belt: the new CDC-1200 series machines have a conveyor belt that makes the application much easier, as the head, in its opposite face, has a hard, flat surface, unlike a roller. In addition, the 1.2 metre wide conveyor belt allows working with pieces up to 1.2 metres wide. The conveyor belt can be adapted to different types of product.

- In addition to the above, as an option, the machine can be equipped with a vacuum pump, which together with the perforated belt generates a vacuum between the belt and the substrate, in order to hold delicate or thin substrates firmly to the surface of the conveyor belt and avoiding the movement during the application.

- Application heads with completely redesigned mechanics for greater precision and less wear and tear on parts. Equipped with sealed bearings on all wheels.

- Linear guide system for positioning the heads in relation to the conveyor belt. This system allows the head to move easily, smoothly, quickly and precisely without the need for tools.

- Head height adjustment with turn counter for high-precision clamping. The height adjustment is very convenient, without the need for tools.

- Software can be operated from a colour touch panel. Intuitive and easily understandable programming.

- Individual application for each head as an option. This makes it possible to work with several formats, application types, materials, etc. at the same time.

- Up to 5 application heads installed on the same machine, with simultaneous or individual application.

- Possibility of equipping ink jet printers for part marking.

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