Driven curve with tapered rollers

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Driven curve with tapered rollers

Transport curve for ceramic pieces with conical rollers. This curve is used to make changes in the direction of transport lines for both porcelain and stoneware or monoporous. As it is an automatic transport curve for ceramic tiles, it is made up of rollers that rotate on its axis and facilitate the transport of ceramic tiles, even large format ones.

The ceramic transport curve is made up of:

- Conical rollers, made of polyamide. Length according to tile size. Double metallic pinion Z14 of 1/2" and double precission bearing 6202-2Z.
- Central core with Ø50 mm and 1.5 mm thick steel tube.
- Ø12mm and 1.5 mm thick roller shaft.
- Drive transmission by chain of 1/2" from roller to roller.
- Frame made of 130 mm high and 4 mm thick carbon steel plate, with automatic punching and supporting legs with height adjusters.
- Geared motor of 0,37 kW. Possibility to equip it with frequency inverter.

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