Manual cutting machine with 2 motors and motorized carriage

Manual cutting machine

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This is a cutting machine conceived in a very robust way to cut to all kinds of materials obtaining a remarkable reliability.
Conceived to rectify and cut big size pieces in an automatic way, being able to cut pieces till 100x500. This design allows the inclination and fitting of the cutting units in different positions, raise-low of the motor, lateral, right-left translation.
The right motor allows an adjustable inclination of 45º, thus being able to achieve cuts in a wide range of angles.
Motorized carriage of pieces for the forward and backward movement of the pieces during the cut.
Electrical panel with a speed variator for the start and forward motor of the carriage. Finally, the worker has to push two buttons simultaneously to be able to operate the cutting units. This system guaranties that both hands of the operator kept outside the cutting area while this is operating

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