Computerized glazing line

glazing lines

The 4.0 computerized glazing line of MAINCER, S.L. is controlled by a PLC which manages the line, as well as the communication between the different elements of the line.

With this management, several improvements are evident: ease of maintenance and a comfortable and easy expansion of data, in case of adding new elements.

A powerful computer is installed as a communication link between machine and person. Through our management program we obtain the data from the PLC and, at same time, from the different devices of the line, being able to modify them.

All this gives us a great advantage: we can store the production data in recipes and we only have to transfer the configuration data to the PLC, resulting in time savings.

The faults are located, since at all times we can check the status of the line, detecting and making easy the solution of problems.

The program is versatile, powerful and configurable to the different needs of the client.

Thanks to its computerization, we can control the different parameters and production times in real time. In addition, this glazing line allows the creation of data files to control and repeat each part of the production process. The operating time of the machines and in which location the faults happen are verified to avoid them.

The software allows to communicate other softwares like maintenance, word processing, database, etc. In this way it is possible to better managing the obtained data.

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