Cold painting line for skirting boards

Cold glaizing line

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We all know how difficult it is to manufacture skirting boards in accordance with the tones of the floor bases that are currently manufactured. The best option is to cut the skirting board from ceramic pieces so that the design of the floor and the skirting board is the same. Thanks to MAINCER's range of production lines, our customers choose the cold painting system for painting the edge of the skirting board due to the ease and cost-effectiveness of its production.

The line consists of a roller coveyor to collect the pieces at the exit of the dryer, transport to an aligner by belt, transport of belts for glazing section, stainless steel booth for glazing, set of pump and glazing gun, turner and stacker with buffing area for the collection and boxing of the already glazed pieces.

A remarkable feature is the little waste it produces, as 96% of the excess paint can be reused, which further reduces the application costs. Another outstanding advantage of this application is its perfect suitability for both large factories with high production rates and small ceramic mechanisation workshops, given its high productivity and the low investment required.

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