Rustic effects Multibrush

Glazing applications

System for brushing ceramic tiles, after an aerographic application (MULTI-BRUSH)
To obtain natural effects like stone, wood, marble, etc.
Equipped with two independent motors; one of them moves the satellite carrier rotor and the other each of the twelve satellites, which brushes the tile surface.
Both motors are connected to an electric panel, which contains two inverters to change the speed of the satellites depending on the work.

MULTI-BRUSH can incline the satellite carrier in order to avoid tile edge breakings when the tile enters into the machine.

The rotation of the shaft and satellites can be in both senses.The support of each brush is made in a anti-mointure special material which ensures a longlife of them.

The driving of the satellites motor is made by a double timing belt. This belt gives elasticity to the machine to avoid tension and breakings.

Each one of the satellites, has independent height regulation, thus expanding the possibilities of obtaining different effects on the piece.

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