Double-sided adhesive tape applicator

Double sided adhesive tape applicator

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Los aplicadores de cinta doble cara de la gama CDC-1200 de Maincer sirven para aplicar cinta a doble cara sobre cualquier tipo de superficie, reduciendo drásticamente el tiempo empleado para la aplicación de la cinta adhesiva. Gracias a su cabezal de aplicación y corte automáticos aplica la cinta adhesiva de forma muy cómoda.

The CDC-1200 range is the result of the evolution of the old M range. The new range has several advantages that make the application of double-sided tape a process with a high repeatability and precision:

- Self-supporting chassis: the machine has its own chassis, so you do not need any lifting elements to work in a comfortable position for the operator. The chassis has adjustable feets to set the height and level the machine.

- Conveyor belt: the new machines of the CDC-1200 series have a conveyor belt that make the application much easier. The application header has, in its opposite plane, a hard and flat surface, unlike a roller. On the other hand, the 1.2 meter wide conveyor belt allows working with supports up to 1.2 meters. The conveyor belt can be adapted to different types of product.

- In addition to the above, as an option, the machine can have a vacuum pump, which, together with the perforated conveyor, generates a vacuum between it and the support to be applied with DS tape, in order to fasten delicate or thin-set substrates firmly to the surface of the belt and prevent their movement during application.

- Application heads have been completely redesigned in their mechanics to achieve greater precision and less wear of their parts. Equipped with sealed bearings on all wheels.

- System of linear guides for the positioning of the heads. This system allows the header can be moved without difficulty, smoothly, quickly and precisely without the need for tools.

- Head height adjustment with turn counter for high precision locking. The height adjustment is made very comfortable, without the need for tools.

- Software manageable from a color touch screen. Very intuitive and easily understandable programming.

- Individual application for each head as an option. This allows working with several sizes, application types, materials, etc. at the same time.

- Up to 5 applicator heads installed in the same machine, with simultaneous or individual application.

- Possibility of equipping ink-jet printers for marking of pieces.

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