Mobile stirrrer for IBC tanks (1m3)


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Los tanques IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) o también llamados tanques GRG (Gran Recipiente para Materias a Granel) consisten en unos depósitos de plástico, polietileno de alta densidad (HDPE), que están envueltos en una caja de rejilla de aluminio de volumen 600-1.000 litros siendo los más utilizados los de 1.000 litros.

Mobile stirring system for an IBC tank, consisting of:

  • Stirrer in stainless steel by means of a useful shaft of 950 mm in length, OD32 mm and OD140 mm cowles propeller.
  • 2HP (1.5kW) motor at 1500 rpm with reinforcing cone and elastic union inside.
  • Stainless steel support beam with fixing anchors and support for forklifts or crane. Inlet pipe for filling, made in stainless steel. Safety switch for operation only when the agitator is mounted on the tank.
  • Electrical panel and safeties according to CE regulations.

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