Personalización avanzada en mecanización de casetes

Once again, Maincer shows that the customisation of machines to the needs of the product and the customer is one of its hallmarks. This time, Maincer has carried out the order to manufacture a machine to rectify the support planes of the cassettes used for the firing of roof tiles in the kilns.

This machine, developed entirely by Maincer, grinds the cassette support planes in a fully automatic and safe way, with a very low environmental impact, as it completely dispenses with the use of water for cooling the diamond tools. In this way, a process that used to take a long time is now carried out in just a few minutes, increasing productivity.

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The machine is equipped with all the safety systems required by European standards.

Maincer – Máquina de rectificado de casetes | rectifying machine for roof tiles cassettes from maincer on Vimeo.