Inician pruebas del prototipo Life Egg-shellence

As part of the Life Eggshellenge project, supported by the European Commission through the LIFE 2014-2020 Environment and Climate Action Programme (Ref.: Life19 Env/ES/000121), tests began last week on the prototype that will enable calcium biocarbonate to be obtained from eggshells. The tests are being carried out at the egg producer Agotzaina, S.L. in Navarra. Last Wednesday, the members of the consortium, as well as the monitor assigned by the EC to supervise the project tasks, met at Agotzaina's headquarters for a follow-up meeting.

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The prototype, designed and manufactured by Maincer, will separate the membrane, the organic part, from the shell, the inorganic part. The inorganic part, i.e. the calcium bio-carbonate, will be incorporated as a raw material in the mixture for the manufacture of ceramic tiles, partly replacing the mineral calcium carbonate. The technical part, i.e. the company ADM of the Mota SC group (Portugal) and the company Grupo Euroatomizado from Vilafamés, were also present at the meeting to carry out tests with the support of the ITC-AICE and the University of Aveiro, which is also a partner in the project.

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In addition, the networking and dissemination actions carried out by all the members of the consortium were also discussed.

Symbiosis and territory: first meeting of the Observatory of Industrial Symbiosis of the Valencian Region

Last week we were also invited to the 1st meeting of Industrial Symbiosis, organised by AIDIMME. Our CTO, Miguel Catalán, participated in the debate that took place there about the possibilities and difficulties for the development of industrial symbiosis projects in the Valencian Community. Business sectors, representatives of the public administration and technology centres took part in the debate. AIDIMME, which participates in the Coordination Committee, presented at the meeting the first results of the diagnostic study carried out to ascertain the initial situation of Valencian industry.

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