Maincer completes commissioning and training of Ceramex's concrete slab manufacturing plant

Maincer concludes the commissioning and training of the personnel in the new concrete slab manufacturing plant of the client Ceramex. The plant, located in Móstoles (Madrid - Spain) is a project carried out entirely by Maincer in which will be manufactured concrete slabs of up to 4000x1200mm with thicknesses ranging between 20 and 30 mm.


In this plant, Maincer has developed an entire transport system by means of chains in which the slabs go through the different machining and finishing sections. First, the slab is calibrated to achieve perfect flatness and allows the thickness to be unified over the entire surface of the piece. After that, the plates are turned over and transported to the transverse cutting machine, which resizes the large plates into other smaller formats (1200x1200, 600x1200, 400x1200). Subsequently, the tiles are taken to a polishing machine that gives the desired surface finish (matt polished, gloss polished, satin, brushed, etc.). In the following process, the pieces are bevelled, to perfect the edges of the tiles. A machine then slots the pieces in order to allow the pieces to be placed on ventilated façades. The pieces are then rectified by means of cutting blades, achieving the final size of the piece and squaring all its faces. The pieces can then be decorated (or not) by means of a printing machine with inkjet technology that give the piece an unparalleled aesthetic value. At the end, the pieces are stacked in batches (depending on the format), strapped with tensioning strap and placed on the pallets for subsequent stocking.

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This project is the first concrete slab manufacturing plant with these characteristics (format, thickness, finishes) in Europe. The project has been developed on purpose for Ceramex and represents a milestone for both Ceramex and Maincer. Undoubtedly, the trust placed in Maincer by the client is already bearing fruit and will serve as the basis for future plants of the company.