Maincer installs and commissions a stacking robot

Maincer has installed and commissioned a robot which puts tiles together. This robot was installed in a well-known spanish ceramic tile manufacturer. The firm chose the model R-2000iC | 125L of the reputed brand FANUC to which Maincer installed a tool with a suction cup to catch the tiles.

Maincer, designed this kind of tool for the hard work of handling tiles. The tiles have several dimensions from 60x60 to 30x30 cm and 2 cm thickness. Moreover, an ingenious base was prepared where the pieces are centered so that the robot always picks them up in the same way and thus ensure a perfect positioning in the box.

As a previous step to the formation of the composition, the robot, after having centered the piece, takes it to a hotmelt wax supply station, which applies some drops to avoid that the pieces hit each other during transport, and thus avoid damages.